DSF Celebrates 2021 Graduates!

DSF Scholar Javier in a graduation cap and gown.

All of us at Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) are incredibly proud of the Class of 2021 high school and college graduates. These students have persevered through a global pandemic, economic hardship, social unrest, and more, yet their resiliency continues to shine. Thanks to the incredible work of our College Advisors at DSF Future Centers, Campus Advisors on the Auraria Campus in Denver, and our 31 College Partners throughout the state, students and Scholars are pushing forward and achieving their education dreams. 

This graduation season, we are celebrating the dedication of DSF Scholars by highlighting some of their top college memories.  

DSF Scholar Odalis smiling at the camera.Odalis Castro just graduated from the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) with a degree in bioengineering. Throughout her time in college, she felt supported by her mentors in the bioengineering field, as well as her advisors, who always encouraged her to do her best. Even when circumstances were difficult, Odalis says her support systems helped her navigate the academic world and find success. One of her favorite college memories was studying abroad in Guatemala for a design-hack course in the bioengineering program. This allowed Odalis to learn engineering skills in a completely different environment, while promoting cultural understanding. Her advice to future Scholars is to, most importantly, enjoy college! “Take classes outside your major and participate in events or clubs you are not familiar with. This allows you to expand your network, which will be helpful when trying to look for career opportunities!” 


Javier Lopez Ortiz says his mom has been his biggest motivation throughout college.DSF Scholar Javier in a graduation cap and gown. A recent graduate of CU Denver with a degree in business management, he felt an immense amount of pride and gratitude walking across the stage in his cap and gown. “I feel that I am giving my mom a moment of happiness, and to me, that is priceless.” His advice to future Scholars is to tackle one assignment or issue at a time, which will help everything seem at least a little less overwhelming. He suggests that future Scholars take the time to do their work and make genuine progress throughout their education journeys.