Better Business Bureau (BBB) Great West + Pacific Helps Scholars Pursue their Education and Career Goals

Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) is proud to have a longstanding four-year partnership with the BBB Great West + Pacific (BBB) who partners and supports DSF Scholars, making college possible for Denver Public Schools students.

The BBB is dedicated to promoting and fostering the highest ethical relationships between businesses and the public through voluntary self-regulation, consumer and business education, and service excellence. Through its scholarship, the BBB aims to cultivate long-term relationships with the Scholars it supports, paving the way for Colorado’s future business leaders to promote ethics in the marketplace as they pursue their careers.

Suzann Bacon-Taylor, PR and Communications Manager at BBB helps tell the inspiring stories of why BBB Accredited Businesses partner to achieve this goal. “BBB Accredited Businesses are crucial to our ability to offer scholarships to students, thanks to their donations. The cost of education in our country is at an all-time high; therefore, BBB is proud to be a part of helping students in our community succeed.” 

As part of their Accreditation, BBB Accredited Businesses in the Greater Denver metropolitan area contribute to the BBB Scholarship fund, which is a part of the DSF/BBB Named Scholarship. Members include Diane B. Zile, CEO & Founder of JERA Partnerships, LLC. “We are proud to support the BBB/DSF program which provides scholarships to rising talent and future leaders in Colorado. I am always so impressed by the scholarship candidates and the impact they are making in their communities,” says Diane. “Businesses are built on the contributions and talents of their workforce. As new leaders begin to develop and emerge, it is important for businesses to support their continued education and development.”

Since 2017, BBB has given more than $72,000 to support scholarships, and continues to inspire DSF Scholars on their education and career journeys.

DSF Scholars Express Their Gratitude and Excitement

The scholarship allows students to expand their opportunities for success in life, not only through financial support but also through engagement with the BBB. Students were able to thank the BBB recently in a video project and through a survey. Sarah Phan is a first-generation student studying to be an accountant. “Thank you for helping me achieve my goals for the past three years and continuing to do so this upcoming school year! With your help, I am able to attend college and set a good example for my siblings.” Veronica Martinez is studying business administration with a specialization in marketing and management. She is grateful “for the opportunity to receive an education at a great college with very little to no student debt.”

DSF Scholars Felipe and Autumn shared their gratitude, college experience, and what they are planning on pursuing post-graduation with BBB Accredited Businesses and the rest of the community. Make sure to watch their messages and share with your community!