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Session I Descriptions - 10:05 - 11:05 a.m.

There are many pathways you can take after college and it is important to find the best fit for you. This session will explore graduate programs, service opportunities, and entering the workforce. You will have an opportunity to practice asking questions in a small group format and engage with professionals from each pathway.

Mentors are great resources to provide support as you grow as a young professional. This session will introduce fellow DSF Scholars who participate in mentorship programs to find guidance as they explore goals, careers, and develop their network.

Just like the transition from high school to college, the transition from college into the workforce entails new cultures, expectations, and norms to navigate. This session will prepare you to expect the unexpected as a college student, while preparing you for the workforce and establishing realistic expectations.

Session II Descriptions - 1:35 - 2:35 p.m.

In this session, an established professional will interview you and review your resume, providing feedback in a constructive, safe environment that will strengthen your skills. This session will help you identify areas of strength and growth to better prepare you for first impressions in-person and on paper. Remember to bring a copy of your resume with you!

Coming to terms with rejection can be difficult, whether it comes from a college, graduate program, internship, or job. Even after you land a job or are accepted into a program, feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt can continue to linger. This session will help you develop resilience, gain self-confidence, and grow through even the toughest transitions.

Have you ever felt confused while reading your paycheck? Gross pay, net pay, tax deductions—what does it all mean? This session will help you break down the elements of a paycheck. Learn about what you get paid, how to allocate it, and most of all…how to make it grow!

Registration for the 5th Annual DSF Leadership Conference is now closed.