The DSF Scholar Institute (DSI) actively promotes and enhances the mission, values, and vision of the Denver Scholarship Foundation. The DSI is made up of Denver Scholarship Scholars who are engaged in growing and strengthening our larger Scholar population.

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Apply for the DSF Scholar Institute

We accept applications for the DSF Scholar Institute once a year. The 2019-20 application is now closed. The 2020-21 application will open Fall 2019. 

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Lopez at


The purpose of the DSF Scholar Institute (DSI) is to provide opportunities for current DSF Scholars to develop leadership skills and broaden their professional network.


The DSF Scholar Institute will meet once a month from March 2019 to March 2020. Sessions will be held on Fridays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at MSU Denver (Auraria Campus), unless otherwise noted. Scholar activities/events will be announced once confirmed.

Your attendance is essential and beneficial to the DSF Scholar Institute. If your schedule does not permit you to attend all the sessions, we recommend you postpone applying until your schedule can accommodate the time commitment.


  • Build relationships and community with fellow DSF Scholars.
  • Gain leadership skills and tools.
  • Serve as a DSF Scholar Ambassador.
  • Engage in the development process of DSF events and programs.
  • Connect and network with members of our Alumni Advisory Committee.
  • Attend social events and activities with the larger DSF Scholar & Alumni community.
  • Be informed about DSF events and opportunities to engage with the Denver community.

Attendance Policy:

  • Participants receive a $50 stipend check for each session. There are no stipends associated with any Scholar activities or events outside designated sessions.
  • Participants are expected to arrive on time and remain for the entire session.

Absence Policy:

  • Any participant who misses more than two sessions will not receive their $50 stipend for future sessions.
  • We understand that attendance at all Scholar activities/events may not work with your schedule, please discuss with DSF College Success Coordinator once activities/events are confirmed.


–February 8, 2019                      4th Annual DSF Leadership Conference 

–March 7, 2019                          Celebration & Welcome

–March 15, 2019                         Session 1: DSF Scholar Institute Overview

–April 4, 2019                             Spring Get Together

–May 17, 2019                            Session 2: Personal Leadership & Values

–June 20, 2019                           Summer Get Together

–July 26, 2019                            Session 3: Team & Community Building

–August 15, 2019                       Back to School Get Together

–September 13, 2019                Session 4: Sharing Your Story

–September 25, 2019                DSF Annual Gala: Scholar & Alumni Kickoff

–October 17, 2019                     Fall Get Together

–November 8, 2019                  Session 5: Self Reflection & Continuous Growth

–December 5, 2019                   Winter Get Together

–January 24, 2020                    Session 6: Portfolio Presentation

–February 2020                         5th Annual DSF Leadership Conference

–March 6, 2020                         Celebration & Welcome