Denver Scholarship Foundation

A college education opens up a door of opportunity for our Scholars to explore a certificate, two-year, or four-year program. According to College Board, students who graduate with a college degree will have higher earning potential, lower unemployment rates, and better career opportunities than if they had merely graduated from high school. By 2020, 74 percent of jobs in Colorado will require a college degree or certificate. In Colorado and nationwide, average tuition and mandatory fees for college are on the rise.

Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) Scholarship has a transformative impact on 1,800 Denver Public Schools’ (DPS) graduates each year, who now understand that college is possible. The DSF Scholarship helps students finance their education and leverage additional financial aid resources to address the real and perceived financial barriers to college.


Your qualified gift to help fund Scholarships could be matched 1:1 by special and exclusive agreement with the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI), which is a fund administered by the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Your gift could be doubled, providing scholarships to students graduating from DPS.

General Scholarship Fund

Your gift of any amount will help fund scholarships and make college possible for DPS students.  The impact of DSF on students enrolled in the DPS system is unrivaled. By making an investment in our Scholarship program, which is one of the three core aspects of our college access and success program, you will have partnered with a game-changer for Denver’s youth, and a national leader in helping students gain access to the education and experience they need to thrive in our modern economy and contribute to the vitality of our community.

Named Scholarships – A Special Way to Designate Your Support

Your gift will provide a DSF Named Scholarship to one or more students.  Named Scholarships are designated by the donor and named for them, or in honor or in memory of a loved one, or to reflect the type of scholarship the donor wishes to fund.  We ask that you consider making this gift each year for four years – the amount of time in which we encourage students to complete their baccalaureate studies in order to graduate on time and with manageable debt.

For more information, please contact our director of corporate relations, Jessica Milnes, at or 303.951.4152.

A special thank you to all of our donors and supporters who currently have a Named Scholarship.


Alpine Bank Latino-Hispanic Scholarship 

Andrew D. Holleman Scholarship 

Andrew T. Wade Scholarship 

AORN Scholarship 

Awad Scholarship 

Ball Corporation Scholarship 

Better Business Bureau Scholarship 

Cathey and Richard Finlon Scholarship 

Cheryl Harmon Memorial Scholarship for the Arts 

Cielo Scholarship 

Comfort Dental Scholarship 

Connie Burwell White and William W. White Foundation Scholarship 

CoorsTek Scholarship 

DaVita Scholarship 

Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation Scholarship 

Dick Shahan Scholarship 

Enerplus Scholarship 

Frenkel Family Scholarship 

Group14 Engineering Scholarship 

Harvey Family Foundation Scholarship 

HealthOne Scholarship 

Herbert and Judy Paige Family Foundation Scholarship 

ID19APRIL1775 Scholarship 

Janus Henderson Scholarship 

Katherine L. MacWilliams Scholarship 

Kiewit Meridiam Partners Scholarship 

Kim Poast Scholarship 

Lanning Sisters Scholarship 

Leprino Foods Scholarship 

Lester R. Woodward Memorial Scholarship 

LibertyGives Foundation Scholarship 

Mitzner/Baumel Family Scholarship 

Newmont Corporation Scholarship 

Omar Gaskin Scholarship 

Otten Johnson Robinson Neff + Ragonetti PC Scholarship 

Peter Rynders Memorial Scholarship 

QEP Resources Scholarship 

Rana Tarkenton Scholarship 

Roth Education Foundation Scholarship 

Salazar Family Foundation Scholarship 

Schierburg Family Scholarship 

Schlessman Family Foundation Scholarship 

SCL Health Building Futures in Healthcare Scholarship 

Stead Family Scholarship 

Suncor Scholarship 

The Hope Scholarship 

VF Foundation Scholarship 

Virginia Hill Foundation Scholarship 

Wiegers Family Foundation Scholarship 

Willow Connery Scholarship 

Xcel Energy Scholarship 


Contact us at or 303.951.4140 for more information.