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Humberto Guerrero
Assistant Director, TRIO Talent Search, Montbello Community
Humberto is originally from a small rural village in Zacatecas, Mexico. He grew up in the Five Points community where he attended Cole Middle School and Manual High School. As a graduate of Denver Public Schools and as a first generation high school and college graduate, Humberto developed a deep passion for college access early on in his educational and professional career. Throughout his time at the Community College of Denver and later the at the University of Colorado Denver, where he received his associate and bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Political Science respectively, Humberto made it his personal mission to help others get to, and complete, college. Looking to make a greater impact on education policy, Humberto also completed his master’s degree in Public Affairs with a concentration in Education Policy at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Given the mission and vision of DSF, Humberto has found a perfect fit for his passion in the state and city he calls home. At DSF, Humberto serves as assistant director for the TRIO Talent Search program in Denver’s Montbello community and helps students grades 9-12 prepare, enroll in, and complete college.
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