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Federico Rangel, M.S.W.
Lead College Advisor, West High Campus
Giving back to his community is a top priority for Federico. With this, Federico sees working with nonprofits to improve and advance the lives of Denver youth as incredibly impactful. He has advanced his mission over the past ten years as a high school and middle school classroom teacher, an educational counselor and mentor for Denver Kids, Inc., a coordinator of after-school and summer youth programming, and a pre-collegiate educator and scholarship program coordinator. Federico graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Chicano Studies, and a social studies teacher certification and, a Master of Social Work degree from University of Denver in 2016. As a Denver Scholarship Foundation Lead College Advisor at West High campus, Federico keeps students moving on applications and deadlines by spending time in and out of the Future Center, wherever he can find them!
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