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Caryn Oppenheim
Volunteer Manager
Caryn grew up in Massachusetts and from a young age served as a student leader and volunteer for various causes. She has worked in non-traditional educational roles such as an after-school programmer at the Boys & Girls Club, a workshop educator teaching social-emotional skills to girls, and a program leader for a cultural exchange nonprofit. Caryn spent five and a half years working in the nonprofit sector in Boston before obtaining her Master of Business Administration in nonprofit management. Her experience managing volunteers includes: placing international students with volunteer host families; training middle and high school student volunteers in service leadership; and recruiting mental health professionals to offer pro bono services. Her Holocaust-surviving grandmother always told her, “education is the one component of your life someone cannot take away from you.” Caryn believes that everyone should be entitled to an education that sustains and lights up their futures. If you spend enough time around Caryn, you will be graced with her greatest gift—the gift of punning.
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