Community Connections Grow at 7th Annual Scholar Summit

DSF Scholars Smiling in Group Photo

On Friday, February 25th, Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) held our 7th Annual Scholar Summit for DSF Scholars, Alumni, and students served by DSF Campus Advisors. The Summit is designed to help students create connections with their peers and their community, focusing on areas in which they can utilize their skills to become better leaders in their personal, academic, and professional lives. 

That day, we shared our commitment to our community by forging strong connections to help ourselves and each other succeed.  

DSF Scholars Smiling in Group PhotoMore than 60 college students attended the conference, including DSF Scholar Yariksa Navarro, studying at Metropolitan State University of Denver. During the morning session, Yariksa heard from Anna Cooper, the outreach and engagement specialist for Child & Family programs at the Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD). The session, named “Improving Mental Health Through Mind, Body, and Community”, focused on the Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being in Northwest Park Hill. “This session helped me understand that the people you are surrounded by are your community, and you decide what impact they have on your mental health,” says Yariksa after the session. “I learned that the people who understand what you have experienced are the ones that you need around you to keep you motivated, concentrated, committed, and determined.” 

Other morning sessions offered at the 7th Annual Scholar Summit included: Build Your Network Through Motivational Interviews, Speed Mentoring: Connecting with Industry Professionals, and Planning for Your Career. Presenters included DSF staff, Alumni, and community supporters.  

Michelle M. Lucero, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel for Children’s Hospital Colorado was this year’s keynote speaker. She shared the importance of building community connections, for both her career and personal life. Michelle is very much involved in her community, as she believes it is an obligation to give back using her talents and treasures.

“During the keynote speech, I felt incredibly inspired by Michelle,” says Yariksa, who was influenced by Michelle’s words to create her own personal connection with her during the event. “Michelle is such an influence on people of color, especially women, and she empowered me to realize that I am strong to accomplish great things in life.” Yariksa says she was so excited and happy to hear from a woman of color during the event and thinks it inspired others in the room as well.  

We look forward to the 8th Annual Scholar Summit next year! Click here to read more stories about our DSF Scholars.