Shining the Spotlight on DSF Volunteers

Mandy Jameson
Donor-Scholar Relations Volunteer 

Creating Connections to Make College Possible

Mandy Jameson brings 17 years of higher education experience to DSF as a donor-Scholar relations volunteer. Before stepping into her role as registrar at Colorado Early Colleges in Castle Rock, Mandy took advantage of a professional transition to explore opportunities to put her expertise to work in the community. She found a perfect fit on the scholarship team at DSF. 

“In my time within the higher education sector, I became aware of a lot of issues,” Mandy reflects. “I was most passionate about access to higher education and affordability.”  

As a volunteer with DSF, Mandy realized that she could continue to impact students’ lives by tackling the issues within her area of expertise. Her service as a DSF volunteer has embedded Mandy in essential workshops for students and families, and also special opportunities to connect DSF Scholars with donors. 

“Because of Mandy’s help, we have been able to increase our outreach to Named Scholars, including calling them to learn how their experiences are going or to invite them to meet with their donor or join DSF events,” shares Natasha Garfield, DSF’s director of scholarships. “Mandy’s kind touch and ability to connect with Scholars has meant a higher level of Scholar engagement and participation than ever before. Beyond all of her outreach to Named Scholars, Mandy has also brought her financial aid expertise to our FAFSA workshops, increasing our capacity to provide knowledgeable support to students and families in the vital financial aid application process.” 

Through a project with DSF’s Named Scholarship program, Mandy heard firsthand how DSF is impacting Scholars. In her role as a volunteer on the project, Mandy was able to share messages of gratitude from Scholars with their Named Scholarship donors.  

“It was really heartwarming to hear how much gratitude DSF Scholars have for the organization,” shares Mandy, though she says the gratitude flows both ways. “As volunteers, we get out as much—or more—from volunteering than the people we’re serving. It’s a win-win situation.” 

Shane Frazier
Workshop and Event Volunteer

Paying it Forward

Whether he’s behind the scenes at DSF fundraising events or face-to-face with students at mock interview sessions, DSF’s mission hits home for Shane Frazier. As a first-generation college student, Shane faced challenges on his journey to and through college. These challenges, he says, could have been avoided, had he had support from a DSF College Advisor.  

“I didn’t receive much guidance about college when I was growing up,” shares Shane, “other than the fact that my parents knew I needed to go to college. I ended up doing what I’m doing by happenstance, though I love what I do. 

For this reason, Shane volunteers his time with DSF to make sure Denver’s students have the resources and guidance they need to succeed on their journeys to and through college. 

Now, my interest is in guiding kids on where they ultimately want to end up,” says Shane. “When I go to DSF’s events, I see the kids’ excitement to go to the next level with their lives.” 

Samantha Budd
Human Resources and Volunteer Management Intern

Strengthening DSF From the Inside Out

Samantha Budd knows what it’s like to have a life dedicated to the service of others. Growing up, her parents served in the U.S. Armed Forces, and as a result she has lived all over the country. Thankfully for DSF, her life has recently taken her to Colorado Springs where she is working to complete a master’s degree in public administration at the University of Colorado—Colorado Springs (UCCS) by the spring of 2021. 

Since the start of the 2019 school year Samantha has served as an intern with the DSF human resources department. She spends roughly 10 hours a week in the office, providing an integral role and helping wherever she’s needed. Her projects have led her to help revise the DSF employee handbook, co-create a system to measure volunteer impact at DSF, and table at events for DSF across Denver. 

Activism is a big part of Samantha’s life, and she said she specifically wanted to work with DSF because of its mission.  

“I want my life to have purpose and I want to help bring equality to immigrant, low-income, and other marginalized communities, many of which DSF serves,” she said.  

Samantha says she is “abundantly grateful for the opportunity DSF has given me.”