Scholars Help Ease Transition to College for Graduating High Schoolers

Denver Scholarship Foundation

DSF Scholars Daniela Arroyo and Jackeline Paz-Perlera realize the time between high school and college can get hectic. Figuring out your class schedule— or even knowing what building to be in next—can be overwhelming for incoming first-year college students. That’s why Daniela and Jackeline signed up to be peer mentors with College Works, a program of Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) employs students who then provide much-needed assistance to those making the leap from high school to higher education.

Supporting fellow students in transitioning to college—virtually

Daniela, a senior at MSU Denver, and Jackeline, a rising junior at MSU Denver, said they love their experience through College Works and feel fulfilled by helping fellow students adjust to the college environment, virtually.

“College Works is designed for recent high school graduates to get to know the campus and have a job on campus,” said Jackeline. “Most of these students come from a low-income family and/or are first generation students. In College Works, my peers and I present different resources and opportunities on campus. We facilitate workshops and team building in order for the participants to know each other.”

Meaningful mentorship

In their roles, Daniela and Jackeline were assigned a group of students to mentor. They then helped their peers with any struggles that might arise. They also helped design and facilitate workshops for other students to make the transition even easier.

College Works also allows its members to attend two MSU Denver classes for free: one on public speaking that counts for college credit, and another based on the first-year experience.

“Working for college works is very special for me because I enjoy helping upcoming college students with the transition from high school to college,” says Daniela. “As a peer mentor my role is to keep track of students’ performance and progress to help them with any struggles.”

Although the coronavirus pandemic has put an air of uncertainty around how school might look in the fall, Daniela and Jackeline are committed to helping incoming first-year students make the leap to college and succeed in doing so.

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