From Program Requirements to Personal Connections 

Thuyvi Vo is well on her way to completing her master’s degree in public health and social work. To fulfill her internship requirement, Thuyvi supports students in the DSF Future Center at Abraham Lincoln High School as a volunteerFor Thuyvi, volunteering in the DSF Future Center is more than just a program requirement—it’s personal. 

Following in her footsteps

Born and raised in Denver, Thuyvi attended John F. Kennedy High School and later received the DSF Scholarship. Inspired by her own DSF College Advisor, Thuyvi sees her work as a way to give back to the community that supported her college journey. 

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer with DSF,” shares Thuyvi. At Kennedy, Renae Bellew was my DSF College Advisor. Now, I’m low-key following in her footsteps.” 

Renae helped Thuyvi apply for the DSF Scholarship and Daniels Scholarship in her senior year of high school, both of which she received. 

“I’m the first in my family to get a high school diploma and college degree. I really wanted to take that burden off of my parents by applying for scholarships. Renae helped me throughout the whole process. Spending time in the Future Center taught me a lot about how to navigate the higher education world.” 


Seeing impact from a wider lens

Now, as a volunteer alongside DSF College Advisors Emma Kepes and Luis Antezana Alba, Thuyvi sees the impact of her experience and her work from a public health and social work lens. 

Emma and Luis remind me about why this is really important to me,” reflects Thuyvi. “It’s all interconnected: If a student isn’t doing well in school, that impacts their health down the road. People who have a bachelor’s degree have access to more health care opportunities than those with only a high school diploma. 

Navigating one college pathway at a time

Whether she’s helping students navigate financial aid or advising on scholarship applications, Thuyvi hopes that she can use her own knowledge to empower students to choose their own path. 

When a community is empowered to achieve their own goals, they are the true drivers,” says Thuyvi. “The students I’ve worked with at Lincoln are really smart in making their own decisions, but sometimes they just need a little push. I truly admire and honor the work that DSF is doing. I hold the mission dear to my heart.”