DSF Alumna keeps young students connected during COVID-19

As a paraprofessional at Swansea Elementary, a typical workday for Liliana Flores includes storytime and show-and-tell. In her role, Liliana works with first-grade students. Though her school has transitioned to remote learning, Liliana is making sure her young students are still able to experience the highlights of first grade by keeping them connected.

Remote learning teacher portrait in elementary classroom keeping students connected

As a paraprofressional, Liliana Flores supports first-grade students at Swansea Elementary.

A students-first philosophy

A DSF Alumna and 2017 graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder, Liliana is in her second year in the paraprofessional role. Having graduated from John F. Kennedy High School, Liliana is proud to serve Denver Public Schools students through her career.

“I absolutely love the culture and environment at Swansea,” shares Liliana. “The staff throughout the building are extremely supportive and are always putting students first.”

Reaching out in a time of need

The pandemic has created new challenges for educators like Liliana. With the help of her team, she says that she has risen to the challenge.

“Throughout this pandemic, we have encountered many new obstacles,” Liliana says, “but our team has been working tirelessly to accommodate and meet the needs of our students. I am working closely with the first-grade team. I am doing weekly check-ins with students to provide them with any extra support they may need.”

Keeping students connected during COVID-19 has required creative thinking around how to leverage remote learning technology.

“I am reading with students over the phone, doing video calls just to see them and check out their cool toys, and helping guide them through any assignments they need help with,” explains Liliana. “It has been difficult not being able to see my students and help in the way I would typically. But I am ensuring our families know how to access the resources they are looking for.”

Coming together while apart

Liliana says that her goal is to remind students that their teachers, friends, and families are here to support them even though they may be far apart.

“I continuously remind my students that this is a hard time for everyone and we all need to come together and help one another,” she shares. “I love my students and I will continue to serve them to the best of my ability.”

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