A Message of Solidarity to our DSF Family

Denver Scholarship Foundation

DSF was built on our inherent commitment to equity. As an organization that serves nearly 91 percent of students of color, it more important than ever that we commit to doing our part to disrupt and eradicate the systems that were not built for our students in mind. DSF stands with the members of our community who are personally impacted by racial injustice. We are committed to standing with students of color, their families, and community as a whole. 

The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless other senseless, tragic deaths of people of color, of all ages, across the country fill us with despair, disgust and frustration. We know these are not isolated incidents, but instead reflect the deep systemic issues throughout our country. We all, as individuals, must take even greater action now to educate ourselves and commit to being allies to black and brown communities. We must take an honest look at the biases, behaviors, and systems that are at the heart of so much pain. This is the path we can pave for a brighter future together—for our world today, but most importantly, for generations to come. 

The mosaic of different backgrounds, experiences, hearts, minds, and faces is the core of what makes DSF who and what we are. The impact of DSF on our students and families is profound, life changing, trajectory morphing, and couldn’t be done without our racially and culturally diverse community of colleagues. Our differences make us stronger and our shared goals and similarities embrace us with inclusion and the fighting will to move forward.