Volunteer Lends a Hand to Help Students Figure Out Financial Aid

Denver Scholarship Foundation

During the month of February, DSF celebrates Financial Aid Awareness Month with the higher education community across the country. This past fall, DSF held 16 workshops to help Denver Public Schools (DPS) high school seniors complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). With the support of the workshops, DSF served 949 students and supported 739 FAFSA submissions. With the support of 69 volunteers, we were able to serve 170 more students than we did through last year’s FAFSA workshops.

Chevy Lowe is one of the volunteers who helped make the DSF FAFSA workshops possible. In fact, her service as a DSF volunteer reaches far beyond our annual FAFSA workshops. Since she started volunteering with DSF in 2015, Chevy has assisted over 1,000 students and DSF Scholars through workshops and daily wraparound services.

In connection with her volunteer work, Chevy serves as the Director of ECMC, The College Place – Colorado (TCP-Colorado) located at the University of Colorado Denver. TCP-Colorado provides free college planning assistance and financial literacy resources for students throughout the state, including DSF Scholars.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the community in effort to support all students and help them find the path that aligns with their goals and aspirations,” says Chevy.

We asked Chevy to share a little bit more about why she believes in the DSF mission and what drives her generosity in helping to make our work possible.

Tell us about a particularly meaningful experience you’ve had while volunteering with DSF.

My most meaningful experience with DSF has happened on more than one occasion. It’s the moment when a family or a student gives me a hug or simply shakes my hand after helping them with a FAFSA, to say thank you. This simple gesture make every volunteer minute worth it.

What keeps you coming back to volunteer at our FAFSA workshops?

I continue to volunteer at the FAFSA workshops because for many of our families, the financial aid process is very confusing. If the knowledge that I have can help even one student with college access, then count me in, I want to help!

Why does DSF’s mission connect with you personally?

I connect with DSF’s mission because when I was in high school being raised by a single mom, I didn’t have or know where to turn for financial aid support. We figured it out the best we could, but knowing what I know now, there were a lot of missed opportunities. As so many others, I am now paying for college through student loans. Perhaps with the right guidance or resources, I may have been able to eliminate some of or all of my student debt. Because of this, I try to reach as many students as possible to educate them on financial aid and scholarships.

Thank you, Chevy, for your years of service with DSF and your dedication to helping Denver’s students on their journeys to and through college!