DSF Journey to Success Event Takes Guests on Adventure to and Through College

On Wednesday, November 13, Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) welcomed some of our most dedicated donors to our Journey to Success event. The event offered guests an exclusive journey through DSF’s three-part program of College Access, Scholarship, and College Success, followed by an intimate conversation with Dr. Janine Davidson, President of Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver). Roth Living, which supports DSF Scholars through the Roth Education Foundation Named Scholarship, hosted the event in their modern and energizing showroom.

“We have called it a Journey to Success for more reasons than one,” shared Lorii Rabinowitz, chief executive officer of DSF. “From DSF Scholars and Alumni to College Advisors; scholarship experts to Campus Advisors; College Partners to our most devoted supporters—we have all come together tonight to celebrate not only the destination—college graduation for our DSF Scholars—but also the journey, and the dreams that come true along the way.”

John Thielan, president of Roth Distributing, shared remarks on the company’s investment in DSF through the Named Scholarship program. Through their Named Scholarship gift, Roth Living is helping to make college possible for 11 DSF Scholars this year.

Throughout the evening, guests had a chance to hear firsthand stories of how DSF is making college possible for Denver’s students.

At the College Access stop on their journey, DSF College Advisor Zack Montez and Northfield High School student Leslie Sanchez Medel shared how they are working together in the DSF Future Center at Northfield. Zack shared that his favorite part of being a college advisor is helping students achieve their college dreams. Leslie shared that Zack has helped her complete her Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), submit her applications to MSU Denver and the University of Colorado Denver, and craft her personal essay.

Next, guests heard from Natasha Garfield, DSF’s director of scholarships, and Jorge Armendarez, a DSF Scholar, at the Scholarship station. Natasha explained that DSF has provided 6,376 Scholars with $38 million in scholarships since its founding in 2006. She also shared what requirements students must meet in order to be eligible to receive the DSF Scholarship. Jorge explained that his DSF Scholarship is made possible by the Salazar Family Foundation’s gift to DSF through the Named Scholarship program.

Lastly, guests traveled to the College Success station. There, DSF’s Lead Campus Advisor, Ashton Clouse, gave insight into the work of DSF’s Campus Advisors at Auraria, and how wraparound supports help DSF Scholars succeed in college. DSF Scholar Jackie Marquez explained how the DSF Leadership Program at MSU Denver has helped her build a network of DSF Scholar peers while anchoring her to campus.

Guests ended their journey with a talk by Dr. Janine Davidson, President of MSU Denver. Dr. Davidson highlighted DSF’s unique partnership with the university: of DSF’s 31 College Partners, MSU Denver continues to serve the largest group of DSF Scholars.

“It takes a community to make college possible,” said Lorii. “As our DSF Scholars are hard at work achieving their college goals, they know they aren’t alone on the path because of your generosity. Thank you!”

DSF would like to thank Roth Living for hosting DSF’s Journey to Success, and for their generous support of our Scholars through the Named Scholarship program; and Dr. Janine Davidson, for her thoughtful keynote on how our region can come together to reinvest in college.

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