DSF Builds Strong Volunteer Program with Community Support

The previous year—academic year 2018-19—was a banner year for both Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) and our team of volunteers. DSF staff, led by Volunteer Manager Caryn Oppenheim, helped launch DSF’s Volunteer Forward movement, which was met with tremendous enthusiasm from the community. Volunteers gave their time in support of DSF’s three-part program of College Access, Scholarships, and College Success, from one-time events like DSF’s Graduation Celebration to ongoing opportunities at our Future Centers, where more than half of all volunteers have continued their role for the 2019-20 school year. All told, 209 volunteers gave 3,316 hours of their time from July 2018 to June 2019. This included 82 volunteers completing nearly 500 hours at 16 different FAFSA assistance workshops; 5 interns serving 300 hours; 18 Alumni Advisory Committee members dedicating 412 hours; in addition to many others.

DSF Alumni Advisory Committee members collectively volunteered 412 hours during the 2018-19 academic year.

Inside the DSF Future Centers, six ongoing volunteers partnered with College Access Advisors at North, South, Manual, George Washington, and Northfield high schools, assisting students in navigating college, scholarship, and financial aid checkpoints on their way to college enrollment. Several volunteers, such as Marge Kercher, coached students to achieve Daniels Fund and other scholarship finalist-status through interview preparation.

DSF volunteer John Tran supports College Advisors Emma and Luis in the Future Center at Abraham Lincoln High School.

DSF hosted six University of Denver Practicum Partners in our sixth year of the DSF-Higher Education partnership, benefiting from the time and talents of graduate-level students. Through this partnership, DSF offers on-the-job volunteer training to future higher education professionals in our Future Centers and main office. Practicum Partners assist our program team on crucial tasks such as designing and implementing workshops, coaching a caseload of students, and conducting research on projects such as emergency scholarships for students.

As the volunteer program has grown, DSF has also expanded volunteers’ presence in the office and enhanced the capacity of all of DSF’s teams. Mandy Jameson, donor-scholar relations volunteer, creates avenues for Scholars to extend their gratitude towards donors. Adam Soisson has also assisted DSF’s marketing and communications team by creating timely pieces for the DSF blog.

DSF would also like to thank the 60 individuals who served on DSF’s board of directors and various committees in the previous academic year. As stewards of the DSF mission, our board and committee members lent their expertise to help make college possible, giving over 570 hours of their time and strengthening DSF’s impact in the community.

DSF Board Members committed 318 hours to DSF through their board service; board and committee members served 570 hours collectively.

Not only did DSF volunteers give their time in the previous year, they also demonstrated their generosity through support of DSF’s programs through philanthropic gifts. In fact, 60 volunteers donated over $305,000 to DSF.

DSF would once again like to extend gratitude to all of our volunteers. We thank them for their support of DSF’s mission and look forward to an even stronger year ahead!

If you are interested in supporting DSF as a volunteer, please visit our volunteer page or contact DSF Volunteer Manager Caryn Oppenheim at coppenheim@denverscholarship.org.