Career Exposure Event Gives Students the Opportunity to Try on Broadcast Media and Journalism Careers

Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) and Denver7 partnered together for an exciting opportunity that brought students from Abraham Lincoln High School (ALHS) out to the studios at Denver7 for Media Day. This career exposure event allowed DSF College Advisors, Luis, and Emma an opportunity to educate students about the career opportunities that are available in broadcast media and journalism.

The aim of Media Day, was to give students real-world knowledge of how people are preparing themselves for sought-out professions in the media industry. Throughout the day, students had the chance to meet with news anchors, engineers, producers, account executives, videographers and more to learn how they can etch their futures out.

Lynne Valencia, Director of Strategic Partnerships, recalled how a similar-like career exposure internship, sparked a passion which has led to a 28 year profession in the industry. Lynne shared inspiring advice for these future leaders, “Always put yourself out there to open up doors. Offer to do anything that will grow your knowledge. Stretch yourself constantly to continue your learning. I sought after a mentor who had the expertise I needed be successful. It was not easy – for months I worked to build my relationship with my mentor because I knew he had the power, network and ability to help me grow and succeed.”

Through tours, panel discussions, and a live recording of a broadcast, students had the chance to see the staff of Denver7 in action. Gabe Hernandez, a junior at ALHS shared, “I had a really fun time at Denver7. I didn’t know news could be fun. It was cool to ask all of the staff questions, and most of all, it was great that they asked us questions too. I learned that a lot of people who have a profession in the news didn’t start their career knowing that they would end up in media.”

A conversation on career benefits and challenges informed students that jobs in the broadcasting industry can be tough. Staff often works long hours, which can be non-traditional to most professions. Shifts begin in the early morning, late nights, and weekends and over holidays. Despite the challenges that come with the profession, there is was no doubt that each individual was proud to work for Denver7.

Media Day was a chance for students to take their career exploration to a new level. Researching careers is fundamental and key to the process, but experiences like this, often turn the gears of students in an entirely new way. Jared Hodison, junior at ALHS shared, “Media Day was really fun and educational. I learned how the producer uses technology to create so much behind the scenes work, and that they use robots to control the cameras. The technology used to create our daily news is extremely important.”

Learning in the industry is constant. Dan Crandell, an engineer with Denver7, shared with the students, “Technology is always changing and evolving. I constantly participate in trainings and other educational experiences to ensure that I am giving my team the tools they need to be successful at their goals.”

Throughout the day, each activity revealed to students, that they have options after high school to make their college roadmap possible. DSF is grateful for its media partner, Denver7, for coordinating an event of a lifetime for students who are on their way to a successful college and career pathway!

About Denver7

Denver7 was founded in 1953 and acquired by Scripps in 2011. Denver7 helps natives and newcomers navigate the challenges and celebrate life in Colorado so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.