Staff Spotlight: Hong Nguyen, ‘Relationships’ Values Award Winner

Nomination Written By Molly Gallegos

Whether consciously or unconsciously Hong Nguyen prioritizes relationships with co-workers at DSF, at JFK and most importantly with our students. I can think of dozens of examples in the few short months I’ve worked with her that have just left me speechless at her commitment to adding joy to the days of people around her. Every time I walk into the conference room at DSF I am greeted by that infectious laugh. Even if you aren’t in on the joke it brings a smile to your face. For Christmas Hong made all of our colleagues cookies and even put pieces of bread in the box to keep the cookies moist. This may seem small but its a huge example of how she puts so much care into her interactions with the people around her.

Recently one of our students lost her home to a fire. She came in to the Future Center and just sort of casually mentioned it, not making a big deal. The next day Hong called her in to the Center and handed her a care package of snacks and other things to make her feel at home while she was living out of a hotel. She displays such warmth and kindness to our students that they know they can confide in her and trust that she has their back, even if she doesn’t always tell them what they want to hear, they know she will be honest and only cares about their best interest. Beyond the relationships she builds with staff and students she is working hard to establish relationships with EGTC and local business in order to provide the best opportunities for our students and advance the work in our Daniel’s grant.