Scholars pave path to success

ChukwuFumnanya Egbune – most people call her Fumnanya – moved to the United States with her family when she was nine-years old.

Born in Legos, Nigera, Fumnanya didn’t have a clear path through school, let alone college.

Like Fumnanya, Remberto Rivera’s path to college wasn’t clear. Now, he works as a sales tax technician, or an accountant, for Wagner Equipment where the sound of calculator keys is heavenly.

A lifetime Denver Resident, Remberto graduated from North High School and became the first member of his family to graduate from college.

Remberto and Fumnanya had more than one thing in common. Both wanted to go to college, but neither knew how to get there. But, Remberto attended North High School, and Fumnanya attended George Washington High School, which means both had access to Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) Future Centers.

DSF Future Centers are each staffed by a College Advisor who help Denver Public Schools students navigate the confusing path to college.  Both Remberto and Fumnanya credit their experience with their DSF College Advisors for making college possible for them.

Now, Remberto and Fumnanya both have college degrees, in part, because of the Denver Scholarship Foundation. In 2012, Fumnanya graduated from Regis University. She now works with US-BRAZIL CONNECT as a Education Facilitation Specialist. Remberto graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in 2013 in front of 37 cheering family members.

The Denver Scholarship Foundation works every day to make college possible for Denver graduates like Remberto and Fumnanya.