Recent graduate keeps success grounded in relationships

Whether she’s volunteering, working, at school, or at home, Sabrin Mohamed has always made sure to keep her success grounded in relationships.

As a mentor and recent graduate at North High School, Sabrin splits her time between working and volunteering at the Bridge Project, and volunteering at the YESS Institute. According to Sabrin, her own growth as a young mentee inspired her to give back in the same way. After moving to the United States from Sudan five years ago, she said her initial mentors helped her navigate the transition.

Sabrin says her desire to serve as a role model and a leader is originates from her close-knit family. As one of seven children, Sabrin relies on her older siblings for help, and in turn, she helps support her younger siblings.

“When we’re all together, it’s crazy,” Sabrin said. “They’re the ones who I always go to first, and they always come and ask for my help.”

Inspired to pursue higher education by her older siblings who attend Community College of Denver, Sabrin will start at Colorado State University in the fall with her entire tuition cost covered by scholarships, including the Denver Scholarship Foundation Scholarship.

Although Sabrin’s mother initially had some misgivings about her daughter moving away from home because of their close relationship, Zulema Sierra, College Advisor at North High School, went the extra mile to show her that the leap would be worthwhile.

“I honestly wouldn’t have graduated without her,” Sabrin said of Zulema. “Miss Z knows the struggle we’re going through because she’s been there. You can feel that she wants you to be successful. She edits every essay, and checks over everything.”

Zulema spent a lot of time speaking with Sabrin’s mother about the transition, and invited her to accompany a group of North High School seniors on a campus tour of CSU. As soon as Sabrin and her mother arrived on campus, they knew it was the right choice.

“Miss Z convinced me to go on the visit to CSU, and I originally went just to satisfy her. But it felt like home as soon as I got there—that’s when I knew what she meant. The day we got back from the visit, I applied.”

Although she will be the first in her family to leave home, Sabrin said she is excited for the challenge of growing new relationships in a new community.

“Of course it is exciting—I’ll be on my own—and it’s also scary. But I’m good at making new friends.”