From popsicle stick bridges to a civil engineering career

Edgar Robles was born to be an engineer. He spent his childhood reassembling broken items, building bridges with popsicle sticks and questioning the mechanics of cars and trains. Edgar grew up in Denver. No one in his family before him had attended college. He entered John F. Kennedy High School knowing he wanted to become an engineer one day. He ... Read More

“I knew that DSF would be there.”

During her senior in high school, Noemy Rodriguez visited her Denver Scholarship Foundation College Advisor Leticia Trevino on a regular basis. It was there that Leticia helped guide Noemy through the college application and financial aid process. "Ms. Trevino also helped me fill out the DSF Scholarship Application, which I was thrilled to learn I will receive next year when ... Read More

DSF Scholar Derek Dash: Governor Hickenlooper’s shadow

When you meet Derek Dash, it’s impossible not to think “this guy is going places.” And you’d be right. In fact he’s already been places — lots of them. He has served as a White House intern and member of the President’s advance team, work that took him all across the U.S. and overseas as well. He’s met President Obama ... Read More

Siblings hope to follow Scholar’s Path to College

Desarae White's path through college, like many Denver Scholarship Foundation Scholars, was not always certain. After graduating from Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College in 2010, Desarae enrolled at the University of Colorado Boulder. She stayed for one year. "I took a different path to earning a four-year degree," Desarae said. With assistance from the Denver Scholarship Foundation, Desarae began ... Read More

Scholars pave path to success

ChukwuFumnanya Egbune - most people call her Fumnanya - moved to the United States with her family when she was nine-years old. Born in Legos, Nigera, Fumnanya didn’t have a clear path through school, let alone college. Like Fumnanya, Remberto Rivera’s path to college wasn’t clear. Now, he works as a sales tax technician, or an accountant, for Wagner Equipment ... Read More

Scholar overcame father’s death to succeed in college

Richard Maez was born and raised in Denver and attended Denver Public Schools from kindergarten through his graduation from John F. Kennedy High School. He always wanted to go to college but faced wave after wave of adversity. Through the insecurities and intimidations of applying for college as a first generation college student, through academic and social challenges at the … Read More

DSF Scholar makes immediate impact

Evan Romero sits in the conference room on the thirty-fourth floor of a downtown Denver building. If you look out the west-facing conference room windows, you can overlook the 16th Street Mall or gaze on the snow-capped Rockies. “I don’t get this view every day,” Evan said. “But, I never thought I would have this view ever.” Evan, a Denver ... Read More