The Possible Is a Community: A community is only as strong as its ability to lift up everyone within it. The following individuals and organizations are making a difference in the lives of students in immeasurable ways.

Legacy Donors


Timothy and Bernadette Marquez

Noey and Tom Congdon

Annual Gala 2017

Presenting Sponsor

Patty and Mike Starzer

Future Sponsor — $50,000


Scholar Sponsor — $25,000

Cathey M. and Richard Finlon

Margot and Marc Pinto

Britney and Richard Weil

The Patricia Crown Family

Therese Ivancovich and Greg Sissel

Access Sponsor — $15,000

Linda S. Bowman, Ph.D. and Roger Bowman

Aimee and Jonathan Coleman

Dana and Barry Dorfman

Tami Paumier and Glen C. Warren, Jr.

Kristin Waters, Ph.D. and William Waters

Impact Sponsor — $10,000

Mitzi and Stephen Kurtz

Joe Blake

Kelly Jean Brough

Renee and John Elofson

Sharon and J. Landis Martin

Jody and Scott Nycum

David Scanavino, M.D.

Libby Anschutz and Jeffrey Allen

Marcy and Bruce Benson

Christie and Walter Isenberg

Sharon and Greg Maffei

Mrs. Frederic C. Hamilton / Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation

Merrill Aspin & Mark Fallon

Emily and Jamie Henkel

Pathway Sponsor — $5,000


Shannon Gifford and Jerrold L. Glick

Mary and George Sissel

Jayne Ford

Nancy and Skip Miller Family

Katie MacWilliams

Linda and Richard Schierburg

Michelle and John Hanley

Ann and Harold Logan

Debra and Donald Silversmith

Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman

Opportunity Sponsor — $3,000

Greg Movesian and Jack Finlaw

Julanna Gilbert, Ph.D. and Robert D. Coombe, Ph.D.

Achievement Sponsor — $1,000

Daniel L. Ritchie

Burgess and Mark Goodman

Marcia & Dick Robinson, Susan & Eddie Robinson

Sue and Paul Zoby

Richard A. Geller

Patricia and Donald Cook

5th Annual Golf Classic

Title Sponsor

Closest to the Pin Sponsor

Comcast Business

Longest Putt Sponsor


Longest Drive Sponsor

Hole Sponsors

Media Sponsor

Bash to the Future 2018

Teacher — $5,000

Ashleigh and Dan Fredrickson

Upperclassmen — $3,000

Michael Young Family Foundation

Rock Jensen Foundation

Cristina Barbosa

Trent Peaker

Lowerclassmen — $1,150

Landmark Insurance Group

Leah and Marty Coover

Other Supporters

Renee and John Elofson

EnVision Foundation Fund, through the Denver Foundation

Honor Roll of Donors 2016-17

$1 Million +

Colorado Department of Higher Education

Daniel and Janet Mordecai Foundation

Denver Public Schools

Janet Mordecai


Patty and Mike Starzer

United States Department of Education



Harvey Family Foundation


Cathey M. and Richard Finlon

Comcast Business

National Christian Foundation Colorado

Peierls Foundation

The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Colorado

The LARRK Foundation

The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

Thelma and Robert W. Scott Scholarship Trust

Virginia W. Hill Foundation


Ayco Charitable Foundation

Ball Foundation

Bohemian Foundation

Britney and Richard Weil

Debra and Kenneth Tuchman

Enerplus Resources Fund

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Libby Anschutz and Jeffrey Allen

Margot and Marc Pinto

Newmont Mining Corporation

Renee and John Elofson

Schwab Charitable Fund

The Denver Foundation

The Tuchman Family Foundation


Aimee and Johnathan Coleman

Arrow Electronics

Barbara and Tim Crist

Barbara Grogan

Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP

Celia and Tom Wattles

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines Foundation, Inc.

Connie Burwell White and William W. White Foundation

Crown Family Philanthropies

Dana and Barry Dorfman

David Scanavino, M.D.

David W. Copeland

DaVita, Inc.

Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce


GCC of America, Inc.

GE Johnson Holding Company

Jane and Frederic Hamilton

Jody and Scott Nycum

Joe Blake

Katie MacWilliams

Kelly Jean Brough

Kenai Drilling Limited

Libby Anschutz Foundation

Linda and Richard Schierburg

Linda Barron

Linda S. Bowman, Ph.D. and Roger Bowman

MDC/ Richmond American Homes Foundation

Merrill Aspin & Mark Fallon

National Philanthropic Trust

Noey and Tom Congdon

OfficeScapes Group

Painted Bench Catering

Perella Weinberg Partners LP

Platte River Equity

Reiman Foundation

Rose Community Foundation

Sage Hospitality

Shannon Gifford and Jerrold L. Glick

Sharon and Greg Maffei

Sharon and Lanny Martin

SM Energy Company

Suzanne and Robert Fanch

Tami Paumier and Glen C. Warren, Jr.

The Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation

Therese Ivancovich and Greg Sissel

Titus Foundation

University of Colorado

University of Denver

Virginia and Scott Reiman

Wells Fargo Foundation


AMG National Trust Bank

Amy and David West

Ann and Hal Logan


Bonanza Creek

Brent Morse

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

Cathy and Marco Antonio Abarca

Cody and Seth Belzley

Colorado State University System

Davis Graham & Stubbs

Debra and Donald Silversmith

Donna and Robert Hamburg

Donna Bates Boucher

Douglas E. Kullerstrand Trust

Elizabeth and Philip Hawkins

Ellen and Emanuel Marritt

First Western Trust Bank

Graebel Companies

Harmes C. Fishback Foundation Trust

Holland & Knight LLP

J.F. Maddox Foundation

Jayne Ford

Jeanette and Steve Abelman

Jenna Stapleton and The Honorable Walker Stapleton

Julanna Gilbert, Ph.D. and Robert D. Coombe, Ph.D.

Kim Benson and Allen Staver

Leise and David Roberts

Liberty Global, Inc.

Lisa Pinto and Paul Wimer

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Mindy and Stuart Rifkin

Mitzi and Stephen Kurtz

QEP Resources

Rachel Carlson

Rae Ann Bories-Easley and Nathaniel Easley, Ph.D.

Ready Foods

Stacey and Dan May

The Honorable Kendra Black and Mr. Eric Black

The Rifkin Foundation

Tom Maddox

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Denver


Amie Knox and James P. Kelley

Arlene Bobrow and Charles Tanabe

Bella Glass Production

Better Way Foundation

Boettcher Foundation

Christopher L. Higgins DC, PC

Christy and Martin Pocs

Evi and Evan Makovsky

Greg Movesian and Jack Finlaw

Heidi and Christopher Humber


Janus Henderson Investors

John C. Spencer

Josh Scott

Julie and Kamlesh Dadlani

LeeAnn and M. Robert Morrill

Lindsay and Bob Deibel

Lisa Flores and Rick Tallman

Liz Lynner and James L. Palenchar

Lucy and William Cassidy

Marianne and Lester Woodward

Mary Duquaine Fund at the Denver Foundation

Michael Klug

Michelle and John Hanley

Mike Crownover

Mile High United Way

NAI Shames Makovsky

Oak Tree Foundation

Otten Johnson Robinson Neff & Ragonetti PC

Patricia Poggi and Stuart Davis

Rachel Brady and Thomas F. Brady, Ph.D.

Ramona Bruland and Michael Goldberg

Raydean Acevedo and Walt Jenkins

Sharon P. Kelly and Andrew D. Holleman

Sirius Computer Solutions

Sue and Harvey Allon

The Honorable Jared Polis

The Northern Group, Inc.

Thomas R. Stephens

In Tribute Gifts 2016-17

In Honor of Libby Anschutz and Jeff Allen

Arlene and Barry Hirschfeld

Greg Allen

In Memory of Joanne Bailey

Jane and Gary Knapp

Jane Taylor

Kathryn Clark

Kerrie and Gary R. Dreher

Mary Harrow, D.O.

Sparks Willson Borges Brandt & Johnson, PC

Susan Soder

Thelma M. Hansen

Vaughan & DeMuro

In Memory of Michael Bruning

Renae and Brian Bellew

In Honor of Brian Cochran


In Honor of Derek Dash

Carla Garcia

In Honor of Dan Downey

Ruth Hund

In Honor of Elizabeth Ann Easley

Alison and Brandon Auster

Barbara Grogan

Carin Chow and Thomas A. Boasberg

Cathey M. and Richard Finlon

Donna Bates Boucher

Greg Movesian and Jack Finlaw

Heather B. Baker

K.C. Veio and David Orlovsky

Linda S. Bowman, Ph.D. and Roger Bowman

Lori Strauss

Mr. Dale Wilburn

Rae Ann Bories-Easley and Nathaniel Easley, Ph.D.

Theresa Peña and M.J. Chavkin

In Honor of Nathaniel Easley, Ph.D.

Nina Lopez

Tracy L. Dunning and Eric W. Sondermann

In Honor of Cole Finnegan

Roxane White and Steve Hahn

In Honor of Jayne Ford

Arlene and Barry Hirschfeld

In Honor of Molly Gallegos

Lauren Gambon

Paul Flores

In Honor of Natasha Garfield

Deborah Brackney

In Honor of Paula and Stan Gudder

Katherin and Duane Howell

In Honor of John Hickenlooper

Ann and Hal Logan

University of Colorado Board of Regents

In Honor of Joyce Hidahl

Jim Hidahl

In Memory of Dr. Madison Holloway

Barbara Berryman

In Memory of Lucille Leyba

Ms. Hoang Nguyen

In Memory of Loan and Dan Maas

Amy Faeskorn


Autem Moya

Barbara Norrborn

Bertha and Bernard Gonzales

Brian Dickson

Candie Joshi

Carmen Polka

Carol R. and Bob Kurth

Carolyn M. Salazar

Cathy and Anthony Mattorano

Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Christopher Spier, D.D.S.

Dawn Bauer

Debbie and Fred Maas

Diane and Dick Bentley

Diane E. Smith, Ph.D.

Donald C. Shina, M.D. and J. Kevin Waidmann

Elizabeth and John Deprimo

Erica and Sean Ryan

Gayle and Tim Westerberg

Grace Hauck

Greg Hessee

Gwendolyn Lee

Irene Qualters

Jacqueline and Stephen Maas

Janice Pfaff

Jeff M. Swanty

Jo Ella Valdez

Jobs For The Future

Joel Vargas

Jory Bayne

Julie Edmunds

Karen and Robert F. Sweeney

Kim Poast, Ph.D.

Laura Alvarado

LaVonne Sheffield, Ph.D.

Linda Barron

Lindsay Smith

Lynda and Jim Madison

Lynn and Russell Worley

Lynn Miller

M. Kathy Cdebaca

Maria Goldstein

Marie and James White

Marjorie Lane

Mary Ellen and David Hadad

Mary Jablonski

Mike Crownover

Nadine Hensler

Nina Arshavsky

Penelope Hunter-Stiebel

Phaedra R. Shively

Rebecca and David Donohue

Riette L. Mugleston

Scott Springer

Sharon O. Mitchell

Stephen Machen

Susan and Ed Norris

Susan Feiner

Toner Mitchell

Wendy Pacheco-Romero

Willie Legardy

In Honor of Janet B. McCabe


In Honor of Hong Nguyen

Grace Hauck

In Honor of Strickland Parks


In Honor of Martin Pocs

Cathey M. and Richard Finlon

In Honor of Daylisha Reid

Rochelle Gudder

In Honor of Lukas Skari

Brian Hunter

Courtney Stelmack

Matthew Collier

In Honor of Rana Tarkenton


Beth Bean, Ph.D.

Cathey M. and Richard Finlon

Cheryl and Don Tarkenton

Cindy and John Abramson

Dawn and Jim Owens

Dorothy Denny and William Stanford

Dorothy Horrell, Ph.D. and Ted Horrell

Dr. Diane Bassett

Dr. Elena Sandoval-Lucero

Dr. Vicki Golich

Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Oudenhoven

Eve Pugh

Everette Freeman, Ph.D.


Greg Movesian and Jack Finlaw

Janet Lopez Vilsack

Janet Mordecai

Jennifer Superka, J.D.

Jody and Scott Nycum

Joe Blake

Julie Mordecai

K.C. Veio and David Orlovsky

Kerry and Ronald Henley

Laurel Singleton

Linda Kay

Lisa Flores and Rick Tallman

Marcia and Justin Segall

Mary Ontiveros

Michelle and John Hanley

Miriam and James Salinas

Mitzi and Stephen Kurtz

Noey and Tom Congdon

Rachel Shields

Renee and John Elofson

Rhonda Epper, Ph.D.

Robin DeGrassi James and Justin James

Rose Community Foundation

Saul Huerta, Jr.

Sierra Fleenor

Stephanie Wolfson

Tamara and Kenneth Weil

Tara Wisdom

Theresa Peña and M.J. Chavkin

Theresa Winston

Therese Ivancovich and Gregory Sissel

Thomas M. Kuhn

Tisha Corbett

Todd Rinehart

Traci R. Lato-Smith

Tyler Chafee

Wendy and Craig Ciancio

In Honor of James Terhune

Kathryn Bowers, M.D. and Donald Terhune

In Honor of Joshua Trager

Barbara and Tom Trager

In Memory of Samuel Villalobos Pavia

Jason Pavia

In Honor of Britney and Dick Weil

Donna and Ray Wells

2017-18 Named Scholarships

Andrew T Wade Memorial Fund

AWAD Scholarship Fund

Bernadette Marquez Honorary Founders Scholarship

Better Business Bureau of Denver and Boulder Scholarship Fund

A Time Plumbing

American Furniture Warehouse

Applewood Plumbing

CORE Contractors

Interstate Roofing

J&K Roofing

Littleton Heating & Air

Boys Night Out Scholarship Fund

Bruce Randolph High School Daddy Bruce Values Awards

Cathey M. and Richard Finlon Scholarship

Cathey M. Finlon Honorary Scholarship

Cheryl Harmon Memorial Scholarship

Cindy Abramson Honorary Scholarship

DaVita Healthcare Pathways Scholarship Fund

Diana Lopez – The Matt Lopez and Marc Alvarado Memorial Scholarship Fund

Donna Boucher South High School Scholarship Fund

Dr. Dean Prina Honorary Scholarship

Dr. Robert and Dr. Donna Hamburg Family Scholarship

Enerplus Scholarship Fund

Governor John Hickenlooper Honorary Scholarship

Grogan Scholarship Fund

Group14 Engineering Scholarship Fund

Harvey Family Foundation STEM Scholarship Fund

Herbert and Judy Paige Family Foundation Scholarship Program

James Cook Scholarship Trust

Joe Blake Scholarship Fund

Katie MacWilliams South HS Scholarship Fund

Loan and Dan Maas Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marian Lauterbach Scholarship fund

Mike and Patty Starzer Achievement Scholars

Nate Easley – Elizabeth Ann Easley Memorial Scholarship

Newmont Scholarship Fund

North High School Alumni Association Scholarships

Otten Johnson Robinson Neff & Ragonetti PC Scholarship Fund

QEP Resources Scholarship Fund

Rana Tarkenton Endowed Scholarship Fund

Regis F. Groff Educators’ Scholarship

Regis F. Groff Scholarship for Government & Public Policy

Roth Education Foundation Scholarship Fund

Scott Trust Scholarship Fund

South High Class of 1965 Scholarship Awards

Stuart Davis Scholarship Fund

The Ball Corporation Incentive Scholarship Fund

The Dick Shahan Scholarship

The Organization of Chinese Americans/Colorado Scholarship Fund

Thomas Jefferson 1967 50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Scholarship Awards

Vicki Johnson – Vermillion Scholarship Fund

Virginia Hill Foundation Scholarship Fund

West High School Alumni Association Scholarship Awards

White Foundation Scholarship Fund

Women in Technology Scholarship

College Access Partners

The cornerstone of our college access program is our partnership with Denver Public Schools.  Not only does the district provide us with a permanent classroom for each of our Future Centers, it invests financially in our program.

In addition, we collaborate with other organizations to share resources, coordinate programming and ensure students success.  Our college access partners include: